Welcome to ATC Driver Training

Time to action managing road safety?

Our 30 + years of experience  in delivering proactive driver training and risk management programmes will allow us to make your safety our business. Get to know us and find out why

Charged with identifying risk across a fleet of vehicles? Need guidance on the best course of action? Using a carefully phased planning methodology,  we’ll look carefully at the profile of your drive force. Working together, we’ll identify where risks lie and build a plan taking elements from our portfolio of fleet training programmes.

Looking for something more specialised? We run specific programmes to develop those charged with managing risk on the road whilst filming, at special events or in high security situations. Choose from our range of specialist training programme’s.

Whether you are self employed and rely on driving to maintain your income, an existing driver who needs reassurance or a refresh of your skills or simply completely new to the road, our range of individual training programmes will address your challenges.

Birthdays, Christmas, whatever the occasion our gift experiences make a great present.

  • ATC’s Fleet Risk Solutions (FRS) is a holistic risk management programme for improving the safety of employees who are involved in work-related driving activities.

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