The Continental Conversion course is born

The all new Continental Conversion Course aims to equip drivers who are inexperienced driving on continental roads with the basic skills to drive knowledgeably and safely whilst abroad.

The course aims to develop the delegates’ understanding of correct continental procedures whilst driving on the right hand side of the road in a left hand drive vehicle.

The course exposes delegates to common occurrences that can lead to collision. The course takes place in the safe and controlled environment of our specially converted road layout system at North Weald Aerodrome using a left hand drive vehicle.

Delegates experience simulation of continental driving in the company of an experienced instructor. Participants will leave the course feeling confident about the prospect of driving abroad.

What they Say

“I had to go abroad the next day and it certainly gave me the confidence to drive a hire car from the airport confident that I had some excellent training under my belt.” – BP

“The Course was excellent, very worthwhile.  The guys running the course were brilliant”. – Bosch

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