Driving Dynamics

How many in the class and how long does it last?

Ratio: 1:1

Duration: 1/2 day

Where is it?

At ATC’s Head Office – North Weald Aerodrome, Essex

What vehicle will we use?

We’ll use your vehicle or ATC provided vehicle.

What are we trying to achieve?

Ever wondered what ABS or ESP actually does???

Modern cars are all fitted with various stability control systems as standard. What many people over look and simply would never consider are the effects to the car and driver when these systems are activated. Our Driving Dynamics programme is aimed to allowing drivers a safe and controlled environment to experience the effects of these stability systems at real speeds, to understand limitations and familiarise themselves with the feedback whilst these systems intervene.

During the course you can experience ABS (Antilock Break System), ESP (Electronic Stability Control), TC (Traction Control)……

This course is designed for all levels of driving standards and drivers of all types of vehicle. Every driver from a high performance Porsche owner to a school run parent and everyone in between will benefit from this program.

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