Fleet Risk Solutions

What’s it all about?

  • Looking to ensure legislative compliance?
  • Driven by a duty of care to your staff?
  • Looking to reduce the financial burden posed by a field based work force?

ATC’s Fleet Risk Solutions (FRS) is a holistic risk management programme for improving the safety of employees who are involved in work-related driving activities.

Our risk management programmes will provide the tools that you need to demonstrate a proactive approach to managing safety at work.


Why is it needed?

According to HSE estimates…….

  • A quarter of road traffic fatalities involved a commercial vehicle
  • Up to a third of all traffic incidents involve someone who was at work at the time

People who drive as part of their work are at higher risk of a road accident. Employers are increasingly held to be responsible for the safety of their employees.

The Government is determined to take action to improve road safety. The penalties are getting tougher.

It’s time to take action.

A Direct Approach

FRS has been specifically designed by ATC to provide employers with a systematic methodology to enable them to meet the moral and legal responsibilities associated with the promotion of road safety at work.

Our programme is based on targeted activity in those areas where the risk exists.

FRS – The Process

Fleet Risk Solutions is a five-phased process:


  • Gather appropriate historic data relating to incident cause
  • Collate information on existing policies and procedures related to at-work driving


  • Using data, we’ll profile your fleet, drivers, vehicles, usage and incidents


  • Based on the results of our analysis, we’ll provide a series of recommendations


  • We’ll deliver a programme to suit you


  • We’ll agree a reporting mechanism with you to assess the impact of our work

Do I need FRS?

Am I effectively evaluating and managing work-related road safety? Those that answer yes have actions in place that cover……..

The Drivers

  • Do they hold the relevant driving experience and a current licence for the category of vehicle?
  • Do they understand their legal requirements in duty of care with regard to the vehicle?
  • Do they comply to company policy on work related road safety?
  • Are they familiar with all safety equipment and controls?
  • Do they understand the effects of electronically controlled safety equipment?

The Vehicle

  • Are all vehicles fit for purpose?
  • Am I paying sufficient attention to privately owned vehicles involved in business use?
  • Are all vehicles adequately insured for business use?
  • Are they properly maintained?
  • Are contents secured?
  • Do all vehicles have a valid tax and MOT certificate?

The Journey

  • Do my staff only travel when necessary?
  • Would an alternative method of transport be safer?
  • Are we planning routes effectively?
  • Do our work journeys comply with tacograph rules?

The Stakeholders

  • Are my leasing provider, insurer and accident management company working together?
  • Do I have a central data collection to analyse trends?

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