Proactive Driver Training

How many in the class and how long does it last?

Ratio: 1:1    Duration: 1 day or 1/2 day

Ratio: 2:1    Duration: 1 day

Where is it?

At a location to suit you, anywhere throughout the UK

What vehicle will we use?

We’ll use your vehicle..

What are we trying to achieve?

Our Proactive Driver Training program has been developed with over 34 years of experience and industry lead research. This program is aimed at addressing the fundaments in day to day driving, these key areas are:

  • Urban environments
  • Multi-lane high-speed roads
  • Rural cross-country routes

ATC’s Proactive Driver Training begins with, pre driver checks, vehicle checks and ATC’s Proactive Driver Training interactive briefing. This focus on pre driving activities can often be overlooked by many traditional Defensive Driver Training courses, but we understand that by discussing this theory element in a safe controlled environment allows for more open and honest discussion as to a delegates driving experiences and challenges.

When on the road ATC expert instructors will use one of many pre planned routes to expose the delegates to the types of driving they come across most often. This allows us to make ongoing assessments as to the strengths and development areas of the delegate, so we can tailor the remainder of the program to ensure the individual gets the most from it.

The result from this approach gives the driver increased confidence in all the most common driving surroundings, producing a safer, more conscientious and less stressed driver with a greater appreciation on environmental impacts.



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