About Us

Founded by Kenny Roberts in 1983 to address the need for a driver training programme aimed at the most vulnerable group of road users – the company car driver.

Using years of experience, Kenny built a training programme which delivered improved road safety for individuals and a reduction in fleet running costs for companies.

With the majority of delegates unconvinced of the benefits, nor committed to the objectives of driver training, Kenny took on the sceptics and won.

As the business developed, the company rebranded to ATC. In 1987, we established our current head office at North Weald Airfield.

With facilities ideal for of off-road courses, ATC grew in focus.  ATC’s Skid Car was the third to be imported into the UK and offered advantages over other skid training methods.

ATC purchased a second skid car in 1998 as demand soared.

As  modern business has evolved, so have we.

Today, risk management is at the heart of what we do. Interpreting fleet and incident data in order to identify risk and deliver effective risk management programmes – allowing us to adopt a holistic approach to improving driver safety and reducing costs.

From modest beginnings, ATC has developed to become one of the leading and most innovative independent driver training providers and risk management companies in the UK.

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